This page is for information purposes only and should not be used as legal advice.  U.S. immigration law is extremely detailed and each case should be considered on an individual basis to ensure the best possibility of success.
Application for Reinstatement of Lost U.S. Citizenship

Many people who were born in the United States and later moved to Malta were forced to give up their U.S. citizenship at age 18 because Maltese law at the time did not allow for dual nationality.  Since most of the people were unwilling to renounce their U.S. citizenship but were faced with no other option, and since Maltese law has been amended to allow dual nationality, several people who lost their U.S. citizenship have recently requested the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to review their case and many have been successful in having their Loss of U.S. Citizenship Certificate voided by the Department of State, effectively making them U.S. citizens from birth once again.  This means that such persons may apply for U.S. passports, travel to, and live and work in the United States, and in certain cases, may even confer U.S. citizenship on their children.  It is important to keep in mind that the Department of State looks at these applications and judges them on their merit; a person who has renounced U.S. citizenship does not have a right to get it back per se and thus, approval of a request for reinstatement of U.S. citizenship is completely at the discretion of the Department.